17 jul. 2017

(Hed) P.E.-New World Orphans (2009)

Nü-Metal / Rapcore

01-New World Intro
02-Live Or Die Free
04-Ordo (Ab Chao)
05-Stay Ready (feat. The Dirtball)
07-Stepping Stone
09-Everything All The Time
10-Morgage Crisis Intro
11-Middle Class Blues
12-Flesh And Blood
13-Nibiru Intro
14-Planet X
15-Higher Ground (feat. Kottonmouth Kings)
16-A Soldier's Intro
17-Tow The Line
18-Self Aware
19-Lost History Intro
20-This Love
21-Work On This (feat. Tech N9ne) (Bonus)
22-Babylon Fall (Bonus)
23-Born2Ride (feat. Big B) (Red Version)
24-Girlfriend (Red Version)
25-Bucky Lasek (Black Version)
26-Don't Fuck With Us (Black Version)
27-Cities On The Moon (White Version)
28-Hey Now (White Version)
29-4SmokazOnly (feat. Potluck) (Import)
30-Here And Now

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